PEB and structural members


PEB and structural members

PEB and structural members

Pre-Engineered Buildings are most economical and fast construction units, which uses a pre- determined raw material that has been proved in the fullness of time to satisfy an extensive range of structural systems with creative designs.

Pre Engineered steel Building is a building shell employing distinct product categories: 
  •  Built- up “I” section to build primary structural framing members ( Columns and Rafters)
  •  Cold- formed “Z” and “C” section to form secondary structural members (Roof Purlins, Eave and Wall Girts)
  •  Roll formed profiled sheeting ( Roof and Wall Panels)
  •  Optional sub systems, which includes mezzanine floors, custom beams and rafters, crane runway beams, roof platforms, catwalks, etc.
  •  Custom beams and rafters for unique frames to accommodate the large openings/clear access for ease of operations, which include portal frames, high level mezzanines / 2nd floor, fascia, soffits and other applications.

A steel building system offers significant cost and performance with construction, each part is engineered and designed to assemble together. So, a pre engineered steel building system can be built with greater speed and precision than is generally possible using conventional methods.

PEB Steel Building CONVENTIONAL Steel Building
Low Cost /Economic Higher Cost
Quick Delivery Longer Delivery Time
More Design Flexibility Less Design Flexibility
Factory Controlled Quality Multi Part QC Required
Simple Low Cost Foundation Complex Expensive Foundation
Bigger Spans / Heights Restricted Spans / Heights
Ease of Expansion Constraints of Expansion
Re-locatable Limitation of Re-locating
One Stop Source Multiple Sourcing
Erection Simplicity Complex Erection
Higher Resistance to Seismic Force Does not Perform well in Seismic Force

• Industries, factories, ware houses, car parks, sheds
• Airport hangers
• Logistic parks
• Petrol pumps, auditoriums, mills
• Green houses, sports complex


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